employment at SILVER BAY YMCA

There are two applications you are required to complete for this Program. The Collegiate LT assessment through Reliant and the application with the Silver Bay YMCA for employment. Acceptance as an employee of the YMCA is mandatory for participation in the Program. 

As part of the Program, and as part of your employment agreement with the YMCA, each participant is required to work a full-time, 40 hr/week job. 

The reason for this is to provide an environment for meeting and building natural relationships- important for developing skills you will be learning this summer. Obviously, most participants will need to earn an income to help pay for the Program costs, school, and personal expenses. Your job at the YMCA also secures and provides food and housing during the Program, so being hired by the YMCA is mandatory in order to participate in the Program. 


The YMCA of the Adirondacks employs all of our participants and houses them in their dorms. Compensation includes food and housing plus approximately $350 per week in additional wages for 40 hours of work. Every worker is guaranteed at least 40 hours per week. In addition, there may be opportunities to work overtime at a higher rate of compensation. 

At the YMCA’s discretion, there may be an opportunity for Program participants to stay on and continue to work with the YMCA after the Program has officially ended. Please note: A participant’s continuation of employment with the YMCA after the end of the Program is solely between the participant and the YMCA and is fully independent of Reliant Mission and ADK LT; no Program leadership will be present or available, and the participant is solely under the care and leadership of the employer (the YMCA). 


The Program cannot guarantee anyone a job for the summer. In fact, your participation in the [Collegiate LT Program] requires that you apply for and receive employment from the Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks. Your hiring is completely up to the YMCA. 


You can apply online for a job at the Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks by clicking here and choosing seasonal employment with housing.


  • In the paragraph under "How to Apply" click on the link that says "First-Time Emp Packet". You'll need to right-click on the adobe portfolio image that comes up in the webpage and save it to your computer. Then open it from within Adobe Reader.
  • One important piece you need to make sure you put in the application: at the bottom of page 2, where it says "How did you learn about Silver Bay YMCA of the Adirondacks", please make sure you write in "Reliant LT Program". This will ensure the YMCA includes you in our pool of 50 guaranteed positions. However, if more than 50 LT students apply, they will consider your employment based upon a combination of if your LT application has been approved, when you applied (first come, first served), and who fits their employment needs.
  • Another item when filling out the employment application: the dates of the LT program run from June 12 - August 17. Please make sure you put at least those dates where it asks for your "Earliest Arrival Date" and "Latest Departure Date". If you would like, feel free to write in an earlier and/or later date than these if you'd like to expand your employment time. Just understand that the YMCA will ultimately decide if they'd like to employ you beyond the LT dates.
  • Don't forget to print and get/mail out your 3 Employment Reference Forms. Your Y employment application will not be considered until all three are received at the YMCA. 
  • The earliest the YMCA will begin reviewing applications is on January 1, 2020.

Start your application to work at the Silver Bay YMCA