Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all Collegiate LT programs are cancelled for the summer of 2020.

Both LT programs has two distinct applications; one for employment and an assessment with Reliant for participation in the program. Acceptance as an employee to either YMCA is mandatory for participation in LT.

1) Determine the LT you're going to (Adirondack LT or Estes Park LT)

2) Learn more about your job at the Estes Park Center (EP LT) or the Silver Bay YMCA (ADK LT)

3) Apply to LT through Reliant HERE!

Assessment and payments for the Collegiate LT Programs are through Reliant Mission.

Tips to make your assessment go smoothly

  1. Once you are on the assessment page, click APPLY. You will need to create a user name and password (by clicking REGISTER at the top right of the page) and then you can begin the assessment*.
  2. There is only one national Collegiate LT Program Assessment rather than multiple ones for each LT. You will choose the LT you are applying to attend within the national Collegiate LT Assessment.
  3. During the assessment, it will ask you for a Collegiate church staff reference as well as a possible parent notification (depending on age and financial dependence). An email will automatically be sent to those references once you have entered their contact information into the assessment.
  4. At the end your application for the assessment you will be asked to pay an assessment fee.  Your assessment fee rate is based on the day of payment (not the day you begin filling out your assessment).
  5. Your application and assessment will not be considered complete and ready to review until the reference and notification have been received and payment has been made. An email will be sent to notify you that the review process has begun on your assessment. The review process usually takes a few weeks. 
  6. Once you have received an acceptance email then you will go to to pay the remaining deposits and fees for the LT Programs. You will need to create a new user name and password for the site. You will be sent a direct link upon acceptance to be able to make payments for your specific LT Program.

*If after creating a user name and password it takes you back to the homepage with all the Programs, just look for the Collegiate Leadership Training Program to begin the assessment.