May 16, 2018 to JULY 1, 2018

  • The program begins with a briefing/training in Hollywood, CA - May 16-20
  • Check-in will be between 2-5 PM, Wednesday, May 16, 2018 in Hollywood
  • If flying into LAX, a van will leave from there for Hollywood around 3:30 PM. Plan your flights to arrive between noon and 2:30 PM if you wish to ride in the van.
  • The debriefing begins the evening of May 16 and ends Saturday evening, May 19, with a commissioning prior to heading to the airport
  • Depart for East Asia from LAX early Sunday, May 20 and return on Wednesday, June 26.
  • The program ends with a debriefing in Hollywood, CA - June 27-30
  • The debriefing will end after the evening of Friday, June 30.
  • If planning flights out of LAX, please schedule your flight for no earlier than 1 PM on Sunday, July 1, 2018 (if you wish to ride in the van to the airport)


Application ($25): Now - January 15


  • $6175, plus $25 application fee
  • Learn more about available discounts and cost on the "Finances" page


Because understanding the language, history and culture of a place is vital to understanding the people living there, our primary role in the country will be as “tourists” and language students at a local university. We’ll have a couple touring days when we first arrive (jet-lag recovery days), a small excursion to another city midway through the program, and a big trip at the end before we fly back to LA so we can really practice our newfound language skills.

These touring and language learning experiences really help to establish common between us and the people we’ll meet and minister to overseas. We’ll be studying on a university campus, so we’ll have lots of opportunities meet and get to know students and our teachers. Meeting people is easy because most of us will really stand out, and they will want to get to know us as much as we want to know them.

We will also have a variety of fellowship gatherings during the week - some with your team, others with Collegiate’s church plant team, some at the international church (YOU are the international in this case), and some in local indigenous fellowships.

Before arriving in East Asia you will be trained how to pray specifically for opportunities to engage people with the gospel, how to ask good questions that reveal someone’s spiritual interest, how to recognize the signs of their openness to the gospel, and then how to share the gospel effectively in a matter of minutes with the ones whom God has prepared to hear. It is exciting and awe-inspiring to pray expectant prayers and then see God answer them right before your eyes as you labor in the harvest. Even though we will be in East Asia a short time, God can use you to make a big impact!

Lastly, we will work to connect the people we meet with our long-term team so they can continue the work God began through us and our time in East Asia.


  • The environment in East Asia, though “foreign” and unpredictable, is as safe as in the USA, and the people courteous, hospitable and helpful. Common sense practices like using the buddy system while out and avoiding certain places at night work well both in the USA and abroad.
  • Information that we normally take for granted in the USA has a much higher value where we are going. We have a hard time understanding the need to restrict information because we have always enjoyed certain protections guaranteed in our Bill of Rights, but it’s different in many other countries. Consequently, we don’t list specific places or the names of people we work with on Social Media or websites like this one
  • If you have specific concerns or questions, you can email the East Asia LT director at LT2018@eastasiaproject.org.


  • In Hollywood, CA, the team will be housed at a local church that is famous for its outreach to the homeless community. 
  • In East Asia, the team will be housed in apartments near to the university campus.
  • Many of our meals, especially dinners, will be team meals eaten together at various local restaurants. You’ll find a tremendous variety of food to eat.
  • You will also be given as meal allowance each week for the meals you’ll eat on your own with roommates or students you’ll meet on campus. 
  • After the language classes begin, most of the breakfasts will be on your own each morning, and some of the lunches too. 
  • The allowance is also for something vitally important -- occasionally eating a familiar and surprisingly comforting hamburger and fries at McDonalds, and for primo snacks. You’ll see some delicious and curious snacks that you can’t even imagine right now. 


Transportation to and from Hollywood, CA where the East Asia LT begins and ends is on your own. You can be creative in how to get there -- drive with friends, take a bus, fly using frequent flyer miles -- or just buy a regular plane ticket. If flying, you’ll need to purchase round trip tickets to and from LAX. We will arrange pickup and dropoff between the airport and the church in Hollywood where we’ll be meeting and sleeping.

Once the LT begins, all transportation costs in the LA area and in East Asia are included. In East Asia, we’ll take planes and high-speed bullet trains between cities, and use subways, busses and taxis inside the cities. Public transportation there works great, and we’ll have prepaid subway or bus cards which makes using them really convenient.


Two invaluable qualities on an international team are flexibility and thankfulness. Life is more unpredictable overseas -- schedule changes, water for the whole building getting turned off for a repair, flights getting cancelled, language difficulties, cultural misunderstandings, trip fatigue or jet-lag, hard beds, “interesting” food, unpleasant smells, and on and on. Cultivating a spirit of flexibility and thankfulness will enable you to deal with the surprises that will inevitably come your way. So set your expectations in advance. Pray for flexibility to roll with whatever comes your way, and thankfulness to appreciate what you have and how God is working behind the scenes on your behalf. Those two qualities will serve you well at home too and improve your quality of life wherever you are in the world. 


What did you call me? Uh… do you speak multiple languages? Whether yes or no, all you need to know for this trip is English. Yes, we’ll be studying the language over there, but we’ll be focusing on locals who already know English well. Most college students there have been studying English since primary school, so we’ll have plenty of people to speak with.