As an East Asia LT participant, you are required to meet all of the financial deadlines for the LT program. Failure to do so may result in a higher trip cost as well as causing trouble for our East Asia team making preparations. 


The cost of the East Asia LT program is $6175, plus the $25 application fee. The program fee covers all your program costs for the summer, as well as other costs associated with the training. 


All funds will be raised through the East Asia LT page at Reliant.org. As part of the program, you will be trained how to raise the financial support and develop the prayer team necessary for the trip. Though you will likely use some of your own funds for this trip, we also want you to have a successful support-raising experience for two reasons: 

  • First, the people who contribute to Reliant to fund your trip will likely also be your most devoted prayer partners, and you’ll want people praying for you. 
  • Second, raising funds is a normal part of the missionary experience. You may think the cost of this trip is a bit high -- and it IS a chunk of change -- but you’ll see that God will bring in the necessary resources as you step out in faith to raise them. And when you see God’s faithfulness as you reach your goal, who knows what you can believe him for next!


The only discount available is based on whether or not a participant has a valid entry visa for our destination country in their passport. Participants already possessing an entry visa will have their trip cost reduced by $175.


  • January 15 | Application Fee | $25
  • March 5 | First deadline for air tickets and housing deposits | $2000
  • April 26 | Final financial deadline | $4175 (or remaining balance)
  • Any additional costs associated with missing deadline will be added to the participant's trip cost.
  • Total | $6175


There are generally no refunds for the LT program. Any possible refund will be decided on a case by case basis-and only for extreme cases (i.e. Death of parent or sibling, severe illness, etc.). There are no refunds for participants who are dismissed or who choose to leave the program.