• Learn about missions content and scriptural principles taught during the program (through outreach events, small group bible studies, team fellowship meetings, hands-on learning and more).
  • Connect with the program director and local (on-site) staff who will guide the participants through the summer.
  • Visit this LT program (possible, but expensive due to international airfare)
  • east asia lt director

    The East Asia LT (EA LT) director's name, as well as the specific location of the project cannot be displayed on a website for security reasons. However, you can reach him at the email address below. Of course, applicants accepted for the project will receive all that information.


    Email: LT2018@eastasiaproject.org


    The EA LT director attended three LTs as a college student in the mid-1980s, then three in the mid-1990s as Reliant staff. His initial international missions experience was gained by joining Reliant’s first Short-term Mission team to Kiev, Ukraine after the Iron Curtain fell (He was there before McDonald’s and Coca Cola). He lead another short-term team to Kiev in 1998, and he co-led Reliant’s first team to Poznan, Poland in the summer of 2000. 

    In 2001, He pioneered and led Reliant’s first short-term team to East Asia, and organized and led Reliant’s first International LT in East Asia in 2002. He organized and supervised EA LT 2004 and 2005. FYI, the leader of the 2004 and 2005 EA LTs would go on to lead Reliant’s first church plant in East Asia in 2013, the church plant that next summer’s LT will partner with.

    Beginning in 2007, the director stopped leading teams overseas in order to focus on recruiting, training and mobilizing Collegiate’s and Reliant’s first long-term church plant in East Asia. After the church plant team mobilized in 2013, he has served as its supervisor, mentor and missionary care director. Now that the church plant team is overseas, he has resumed planning and leading mission trips and programs, and next summer’s EA LT will be his 18th missionary trip to East Asia. 

    In addition to helping foster and support East Asia missions and church planting, the director has a wider role of helping plan, develop and facilitate the Asia Leadership Summit held in the Philippines each January/February for all Great Commission Asia pastors and Reliant foreign missionaries in Asia. He served in this role in 2014 and 2015, 2017, and will do so again in February of 2018.. 


    The director put his faith in Christ as a junior in college in 1984 and went on full-time staff with Reliant in January 1993. Though coming on staff initially to do campus ministry with undergraduate students, he switched to full-time international student ministry after two years. It was the growing international ministry that provided the initial training ground and foundation for his future involvement in East Asia missions. He was ordained as a pastor in 2002. He has been married to a wonderful woman for 20 years and has three awesome teenaged children. Incidentally, his wife and kids will be with him in East Asia next summer for the


    The director is passionate about training people how to share their faith in a simple, effective and reproducing way, about making disciples who make disciples, and about starting groups of believers that multiply into more groups that reach whole communities (and beyond) with the gospel. And this is his desire both in the USA and overseas. The Good News of life in Christ Jesus is the hope this world desperately needs.